Your personal data shall be used in the following situations:

1. AVGM’s Relation with Their Clients or Prospective Clients (including the client’s or prospective clients’ employees and collaborators)

We use your personal data for preparation and rendering of the requested services. In this case, the legal ground for personal data processing is the performance of the legal assistance agreement concluded by and between AVGM and our client or prospective client.

In addition to the above, your data will be processed, inter alia, for the communication by e-mail, correspondence, by phone, by video transmission, VoIP or by any other means of communication by which the answers to your requests, the materials prepared during the disputes, negotiations, general assistance, as well as any other answer or request within the collaboration or possible collaboration with ZRVP will be transmitted. In this case personal data processing will rely on the legitimate interest for the rendering of our services depending on the area of expertise or contractual relation.

We can process your personal data also in the context of provision of the services based on legal obligations or obligations imposed by the legal provisions governing the legal profession (the form that must be filled in for the “know your customer” procedure), in this case the legal obligation represents the ground for the personal data processing.

The categories of personal data processed in the relation between you and ZRVP are your name, e-mail address, phone number, fax number, address, as well as other personal data you may communicate to us.

2. AVGM’s Relation with Candidates for Jobs at AVGM

We use personal data from the CVs we receive to assess the candidates’ qualifications for occupying a certain position in AVGM. Students who apply for traineeships organized by AVGM are also subject to personal data processing. Personal data processing derives from the necessity to conclude and perform the agreement between the parties.

The categories of personal data processed in such cases are name, e-mail address, phone number, fax number, domicile address, education and professional training data, professional qualifications, as well as other personal data that you may provide by CV or directly. Personal data of candidates, including students applying for traineeships, shall be processed for a period of maximum 2 (two) years calculated as of receipt of CVs /requests.

In addition to the above, we would like to mention that AVGM will process your data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner, the purposes for which we will use these data being well-determined, more exactly for the preparation and offering of the high-end services you expect from us.